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Questionhow many strips of bacon do you think it would take to cover your penis completely? starting from the base of your shaft, wrapping it around the circumference all the way to the top? Answer


y’all killing me with these questions today lol

I was off Tumblr for a couple hours and this happens.

I low key actually want to know too

"Call me at 4 am, and tell me it’s because you want to hear my voice."
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QuestionI don't know shit ;) Answer

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa super flagrant ass, but its cool

I don’t have Dropbox.

But I have Kik/IG and I get plenty of adult content through KIK

I appreciate you sharing with me

QuestionLol is it kp? Answer

Now you know better 😈



the scratching, the biting, when he’s so deep that you lose your breath for a second, the cussing, the skin slapping, the sweat, being on top, feeling it in your stomach, the hair pulling, the neck grabbing, and the climax.

i love it.



S/O all my thick girls… Body so right you feel at home in her.

QuestionWell I enjoy the "regular" you Answer


QuestionI'm upset, you hyped me all up lol it's cool I don't need one lol Answer

Maaaaaaan listen you’re going to get a video

And you know it’s going to be worth it